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Produced and bottle in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California.

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History of Our Vinaigrette

The French Poodle Salad Dressing History

This original recipe was created in a small hillside restaurant on the Cote d’azur in 1870 where it remained until 1941, then entrusted to longtime protégé Marianette Becham.

In 1950 Marianette and Jean Becham came to the United States working in exclusive resorts.  In 1961 the Bechams opened The French Poodle Restaurant in Carmel by-the Sea. After 20 years, this entrusted recipe found its new home.

At the French Poodle the salad dressing became a local favorite and was sold to patrons in recycled wine bottles. In 1977 the Bechams retired, entrusting the The French Poodle Restaurant and this recipe to executive chef of the lodge at Pebble Beach, Marc Vedrines.

The tradition continued, although the salad dressing could only be purchased while dining at The French Poodle. In 1996 the Vedrines retired, entrusting The French Poodle and the recipe to long-time employee Richard Zoellin, who began selling the salad dressing to clients coming to the kitchen door before business hours. Shortly thereafter, the front door was opened during the day just for clients to walk in and get this most favorite dressing in town. Through word of mouth, this entrusted salad dressing is now sold and available via FEDEX nationwide.