French Poodle Vinaigrette

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750 ml per bottle
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Our French Poodle Vinaigrette is 750 ml per bottle. Goes great on many of your favorite dishes!

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12 reviews for French Poodle Vinaigrette

  1. Sherri Cherry

    We were given this for Christmas but had no idea that we would fall in love with it. I want a salad every day, just so I can have this dressing. Can’t wait to get some more and share with friends!
    Sherri Cherry
    Waco, Tx

  2. Walker Kellogg

    If it’s possible to be subtle AND bold, this delectable dressing plays both notes right on key. My family goes through 2-3 bottles a year, gifts from my parents who lived in Carmel and celebrated their wedding anniversary often at the restaurant, before closing. I’ve never seen a 3 year old eat iceberg lettuce so quickly. Cheers to many more years of this wonderfully sophisticated dressing starting off our dinners.

  3. kristin nicola

    this is the only acceptable bottled salad dressing on earth. Because it is AMAZING and delicious. I eat it everyday of my life, and have been enjoying it for over 30 years. Thank you French Poodle, please never stop producing. But if you do want to, call me first because I will buy it from you and honor the family and recipe forever!

  4. Jennifer D., PhD (verified owner)

    I was shocked to see no reviews posted yet, so here’s my insight if you’re wondering about this vinaigrette. If you don’t remember the restaurant in Carmel, CA, don’t worry! You can experience the symphony of flavors that is the French Poodle through this one of a kind dressing. Use on a butter leaf lettuce salad (as they did in the restaurant), or add a dash to Armenian cucumbers and heirloom tomatoes, or even add a touch to your sandwich. This dressing has no bounds. No one should live without this vinaigrette! I’m so thankful it’s still being made. Merci! Merci! I have so many memories of growing up with this dressing in the restaurant and at home! The finest champagne vinegar, a full and silky olive oil, paired with fresh ground pepper, shallots, and all the other wonderful ingredients, plus ‘French Poodle magic’ and voila—— the dressing of centuries. If you haven’t had it, buy it. It’ll change your life where salads are concerned (and then you’ll become creative for various uses; trust me, it happens to everyone using the dressing!). This is an excellent gift for yourself or someone you love. Why bring wine to the party when you can bring French Poodle Vinaigrette?! This is Joie de vivre. Thank you for making this wonderful vinaigrette!

  5. Barry peters

    I was lucky enough to discover the dressing while the French Poodle was open. I have been buying the dressing for two decades, enjoying it regularly, using it for marinades and gifting it to friends. I buy it by the case and cannot get tired of it.

  6. lewis bracker (verified owner)

    We discovered the French Poodle Restaurant and it’s marvelous salad dressing in the late 1950’s. Everytime we went north from Los Angeles we always planned so we spent at least one night in Carmel, just to eat at the French Poodle. While there, we would always pick up a supple of their dressing. Now, I keep a supply and order on line when I’m running low. It’s a perfect match with salad, especially butter lettuce.

  7. Kate Horne

    This is the best vinaigrette I have ever had hands down. My mother and grandmother gave me a bottle and I was hooked. Have some more arriving to my house tomorrow and will be a long term customer for SURE. Thanks!!

  8. Bonnie

    Excellent vinaigrette. A dear friend brought me a bottle for Christmas and I’ve loved every drop. Buying more.

  9. Celeste (verified owner)

    This is Best Dressing in the World!! I have never tasted a salad dressing this delicious it makes you want to eat Salad everyday! I have shared it with other’s and they love it just as much as I do! They are customers now! Where have you been all my life! I pray this never goes away!!

  10. Susan S Reis

    I LOVE this salad dressing. I was given a bottle by a friend in Door County, Wisconsin. I brought it home to St. Louis and have been enjoying it for 3 months. I’m so glad that I can order it online and I can even get extra bottles to share with friends.

  11. Abdul

    Excellent dressing. Very good flavor profile. Just make sure to shake well before pouring. Note – you should have the ingredients listed, especially for allergic folks.

  12. Jackie Davis

    Best dressing we’ve ever tasted.

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